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BOC Ceramic Artists Open Studio Event

Winner of the Beads-of-Clay Giant Giveaway is Raida Disbrow!!Congratulations Rada!!
Welcome to the Beads-of-Clay Bloggers 
Open Studio Event for Fall 2010.

The live open studio events will happen from 2-5pm EST on each of the individual artists blogs listed at the bottom of this main post.

You Can Win These Beads
Giveaways by Beads-of-Clay Artists participating in this Open Studio Blog Event
from left to right starting at the top
 Melinda Orr Designs, SummersStudio, Lisa Boucher
MaryAnn Carroll, MicicArt, MarshaNealStudio LLC,
ChinookJewelry, MaryHarding, ClayDesignsbyGlee

You can find out and visit these artists by clicking on their names below.

After the open studio session, you will have until Midnight EST to comment on this blog post to be entered to win the "big bead stash" giveaway. (see photo mosaic above for what you can win.)  Please only one entry per person. Winner will be posted in the comments the next day & will be emailed for their shipping address.

Here is a timeline of the events (EST):
2pm: Welcome! Please take your time to check out all the links to the ceramic artists participating in this open studio event to learn a little about their kind of work.

2:45pm: First Giveaway: make a comment on the artists blog posts for the "1st giveaway" for a chance to win something.

3pm: Commenter winner picked. If you are picked, you will have to email the artist your address - so check back on the blogs you commented on.

3:15pm: Unveiling of the artist studio space. Take the time to check out the studio spaces where the ceramic bead artists work and find inspiration.

4pm: Second Giveaway: make a comment on the artists blog posts for the "2nd giveaway" for a chance to win something.

4:15pm: Commenter winner picked. If you are picked, you will have to email the artist your address - so check back on the blogs you commented on.

5pm: Thanks for visiting! Take time to view the individual artists blogs to share in a little something special to them that they want to share with you. This may be a recipe, a fall tradition, a story, or whatever.

A lot of the participating artists are running a special sale for this event, so if you want to purchase some really unique pieces, visit their blogs for details.

If you are a Ceramic Artist participating in the Open Studio Event, there are two things you need to do:
1. Make sure you have a direct link back to this blog post on each of your posts so your visitors can get navigate the open studios easier.
2. Please add your link to your open studio blog to this post by adding your blog url (not your blog post, but your general blog) to this Inlinkz list below:


  1. I never had the chance to participate in this last year. Today is my 18th wedding anniversary and so I will have to check out the artists and treat myself to a present!

    Thank you for hosting this.

    Enjoy the day!

  2. What a great event! Thanks so much for the opportunity and to learn so much!

  3. So glad I was able to make it back home in time for today's tour, yay!

  4. I was fortunate to be introduced to this event last year by Mellisa w/Chinook Jewelry & was instantly hooked on several of the artists! Thanks for coordinating this!

  5. Great event, I liked that I could learn a bit more about the artists themselves. Such beautiful pieces. I can't wait to own some so I might also create some beautiful jewelry from them.

  6. I'm having a great time checking out all these wonderful,talented artists!! do wish my computer was a little faster though hehehe
    Thanks again for this event

  7. I'm coming to the event late so I missed the first round. Going to have to hussle to make the second round. Fun fun!!!

    Thanks for hosting another year!!!

  8. Thanks so much for hosting this. I'm having such a great time viewing all the artist work and studios. Great event!

  9. Yesterday I swore I was done buying beads and such for the next two weeks. And now this! I am totally helpless (and possible hopeless). HA! But what fun! I love seeing the studios. This is a great event! --SallyA

  10. I can't wait! I'd love to win!

  11. What a great event! I love seeing all the different designs by the different artists. I'm feeling lucky that the weather is gray and cold outside and I'm here at my computer.

  12. this is a great event--lots of beautiful pieces. I hope I win something!
    Erin S

  13. Thanks for this! It is always such a treat to see folks, their studios and work. Love this.

  14. Thank you for hosting this event. It has been such a delight and I have learned so much about the artists, their process, the studios, and their inspiration. It has been such fun.

  15. I am so enjoying this BoC tour and have discovered very talented and creative artists. I especially love seeing the studio space and marvel at each artist's flair and creative touches in their individual workspace~ what a great idea!

  16. This is a really fun event. I need to spend more time to go back to the artists blogs sometime later. So many nice things to discover.

  17. Thanks for sharing your studios and recipes. What a wonderful tour! Enjoyed seeing all the different creations.

  18. I would love to win big! I'm feelin' it!

  19. This was so much fun! This was my first time participating and had a great time. I missed the first round (was on line at Wal Mart forever). Can't wait to do it again.
    Thanks to all the artists who participated.

  20. Thanks to all the artists for opening up their studios( a personal fear!)

  21. Wow! what a fantastic giveaway! Ceramic has such a valuable presence in my jewelry, I could certainly make these into fantastic pieces!!

  22. Thank you BOC for sharing your studios! And for hosting the give-away.


  24. Thank you to all who visited and left comments on our blogs. You all made it a great day. I am so happy that you enjoyed it. And please don't include me in the drawing. I have been generously gifted many times in our BOC swaps. But I do love everyone's beads.

  25. Oh dear, I have missed the whole event today. Just discovered it. And now it's past bedtime for me. I have something nice to look forward to tomorrow checking everyones blogs. That will be great!!

  26. I missed it this time around, so I'd love a chance to win these lovelies! Thank you!

  27. I am becoming more and more fascinated by ceramic beads and even I am late for the blog crawl I enjoyed hitting their websites.

  28. I am really bummed that I ended up missing this today... at least I was able to catch up by looking back at each blogger's posts... gee... winning this would help me get over my extreme depression, brought on by missing the open studios... I look forward to it again next year!

  29. This was such a fun event! I can't wait til the next one...Thanks everyone for stopping by, visiting our blogs and leaving the wonderful comments etc... It means a lot!

  30. Awesome beads - I would love the chance to enter if it's not too late! Thought I already did - I must have been carried away in another direction at the event! Had a great time - I hope we do it again next year! Lisa :)

  31. Oops - nevermind - I see I missed the midnight deadline for the giveaway. That's what I get for e-mailing before coffee. Anyway - Thanks to everyone for such a great event and especially Mary and Marsha and everyone who put so much time into coordinating and guiding the rest of us. Have an Excellent week - & congrats to the lucky winner. Lisa :)

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    If you follow me I will put you in to win a FREE handmade necklace!
    Thank you, Matt


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